You’ve always been a slow one, flea. :I
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(( wow i’m a derp UM HER ASK IS OPEN NOW GUISE ))
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Why must it be so sweet and harmless? Why must it be so small? Why must it rock itself to sleep?

I am finished with Midgard. Nothing so heartwarming should exist.



I-It’s so tiny… and all alone…

I think I’m going to cry…

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The window, obviously. You are quite slow, little louse. And did you really think that locked door would keep me out? Do you know what I’m going to have to do to you as punishment?…

Maybe I should’ve thought that out beforehand…

Please don’t hurt me…

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(( oh wow this is gay

so I have to post down or else it won’t show my sidebar

fuck you too, tumblr :I ))

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(( test post because this theme is a dirty whore ))

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